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NZ-born musician Brian Franks has been playing bass guitar for 19 years.

Brian was born and raised in Kawerau, and though his family didn’t perform, they played and listened to music at home. He was first inspired by watching his brother play guitar.

At the age of 13, his mother bought him a guitar and he started to learn to play classical pieces.

He bought a $120 bass guitar with the intention of hardening his fingertips and, being left-handed, he wanted to re-string the guitar. But when he learned that the strings were just as expensive as the guitar, he worked out how to play right-handed.

He moved to Auckland, then to Tauranga, where he got a job working at Cash Converters.

It was here that he met Shane Davies, and they ended up playing in a band together.

Bay City Music’s Graham Clark mentioned that he was looking for a bass guitarist for Brilleaux, and they are still performing together today, almost two decades later.

Brian wants to learn piano, so is having lessons with Tim Julian.

He also plays in local band Toner, Franks and Beano, where he is joined by Derek Toner on guitar and Ian Gilpin on drums.

They have a resident slot at The Barrel Room, playing on the first Friday of every month, and they will also be performing at the same venue for a Xmas Extravaganza on Saturday, December 23, from 8.30-10 pm.

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