Weekend Sun   

It’s that time when you start to think about what you want to achieve over the coming year. Setting goals or resolutions are a good way to do this. As your elected representative I thought it wouldn’t hurt to let you know the areas I am particularly focused on.

I’m more excited about Tauranga and NZ than the new government is. While it’s talking down the economy, we can ensure Tauranga keeps booming as there is no good reason or excuse for it to go off the rails. Kiwifruit, construction and many other sectors should continue to thrive providing the government doesn’t implement bad policies. I am going to spend 2018 visiting local businesses to see what they need to grow.

I will also continue working on the museum, a university for Tauranga and better transport and housing for our city. I had originally thought it would be hard to get things done in opposition but through collaboration, a lot can be achieved.

And I will be out and about connecting with our community groups, non-governmental organisations and social sector agencies. They are at the front line in this area and know what is needed to help those least able to help themselves.

Ultimately my goal is to continue moving forward and represent you to the best of my ability.

Simon Bridges
National MP
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