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A reoccurring theme that is discussed in the political world is, how do we get more younger people engaged in the political process?

With many younger people busy studying, working and funding their way in the world, it seems politics can be the last thing on their mind, and this shows in voting turnout statistics.

One way that we try to engage young people in politics is through the Youth Parliament, which occurs every two years.

Youth Parliament is an exciting opportunity for young people to learn first-hand about New Zealand’s democracy, to influence government decision making as active citizens and to have their views heard by MPs, key decision-makers and the general public.

I am looking for a talented young person from the Bay of Plenty to represent their peers in parliament. Youth Parliament will meet on July 16-17, and the theme will be civic engagement.

We are looking for a talented and committed Year 12 student returning to school in 2019. Ideal students would be active in their community and able to seek the views, opinions and ideas of their peers and represent them at Youth Parliament 2019.

Check out my Facebook page at: fb.com/angiewarrenclark for more information on how to apply.

Angie Warren-Clark
Labour MP
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