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Buy in bulk to save your cash


Despite the name, the bulk aisle is just as handy for buying small portions as it is for buying big.

Located in Bethlehem Shopping Centre at 19 Bethlehem Road, Bin Inn Bethlehem brings a cheaper and bigger range of products to your kitchen cupboard.

Bin Inn Bethlehem shop owner Vinal Singh says customers can bring their own containers and choose from a huge variety of whole food and speciality products.

“We are promoting plastic-free and zero waste by using paper bags in store and encouraging people to bring their own containers, which will be weighed first, before customers buy their product,” says Vinal.

“If you’re buying a packet, you often just end up throwing half of the product away, but with bulk buying the price is good and you just pay for the product, not the packaging.”

Bin Inn’s extensive range of products includes sweets, snacks, seeds, beans, lentils, grains, baking products, pre-mixes, dried fruit and nuts, herbs and spice, Dutch and international foods, home brewing ingredients, environmental products, health and wellness, allergy and gluten free foods and chilled and frozen foods.

If the store doesn’t have what you are looking for, ask the staff and they will do their best to source the product from their supplier.

“We will go out of our way to help the customer find a particular product,” says Vinal. “We will enquire with the supplier if they have anything, and will modify our shop to what our customers need.”

Bin Inn Bethlehem’s opening hours are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturday and 9am-4pm on Sunday.

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