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Supporting your local bins

2020 has been a year for the independent small business! Despite all the challenges that we’ve faced as a community, one big positive is the reignited passion to support local.

Tauranga Hire Bins’ owner Kieran Leigh has seen the support come in droves.

“It’s amazing that people are coming full circle again, valuing not only a great price but also top service, the whole package!”

Kieran says as a small business it’s always difficult to achieve the same brand recognition as the bigger national companies, but now people are noticing his bins around town.

“That’s us, the yellow skip bin company! My team is awesome, I’m always getting great feedback from our customers about their skills as well as their banter! We all know about the effects of supporting local, so when people decide to work with us over the more well-known options it means a lot.”

For more information, visit: www.taurangahirebins.co.nz

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